Drug Abuse Intervention
is committed to walking with you
down the road to total recovery.

We always place our clients into treatment centers that practice a clinically managed detox to alleviate fears about withdrawals and painful side effects.

During this time, our supportive staff will help each person discover which positive coping mechanisms work best for them. Drug Abuse Intervention offers a wide variety of options for all of our clients, and we are passionate about helping them adopt therapeutic practices designed to restore self control and clarity during moments of temptation.

12 step programs, yoga, meditation, art, and exercise are only some of the options we provide. Individual counseling, group therapy, and family services are also included.

If you or a loved one find that you are suffering from alcohol addiction or substance abuse, call our sympathetic intake coordinators today to learn more about how you can acquire sobriety and live up to your full potential.

Are you struggling to break the substance
abuse cycle?

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