Luxury Rehab

Drug Abuse Intervention knows that the idea of leaving the familiar territory of home to spend an extended amount of time at a drug rehab facility can be overwhelming. Missing out on aspects of your daily life at home can be frustrating, but learning to function while away from the same old routine is very important. This is how you can begin to implement positive life changes and choices into your life. At the end of treatment, you will be equipped to maintain your sobriety while thriving at home and in the work force.

Are you afraid to make a change?

Recovery doesn't have to be scary.

Our diverse set of partners is committed to ensuring you are comfortable in this unfamiliar territory and will place you into our luxury housing accommodations. It is our sincere hope that the lavish decor and comfortable accommodations will help erase some of the stigma that comes with checking into a drug rehab facility. Luxury drug rehab facilities offer increased security and complete privacy for the duration of your addiction recovery program. In addition to complete anonymity, you will be invited to take advantage of our magnificent amenities such as:

  • 24 hour access to an on-site fitness center
  • private chefs at each meal
  • complimentary transportation arrangements


Confidentiality is key.

We ensure total anonymity through the treatment process.

Sometimes, those who are struggling with substance abuse are hesitant when it comes to admitting that there is a problem. Drug Abuse Intervention hopes that our luxurious drug rehab facility will encourage you or your loved one to realize that now is the time to make a positive change. Our addiction treatment programs offer dual diagnosis treatment to heal the body and mind. Other benefits of our luxury drug rehab center include: housing locations surrounded by breathtaking scenery, private and natural environments, total confidentiality, and opulent amenities. If you or someone you love could use professional care as you recover from your addiction, call Drug Abuse Intervention’s compassionate intake coordinators today, and begin your journey to sobriety tomorrow.


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