Stand-Alone Addiction
Recovery Treatment

Stand-Alone residential treatment centers are generally stand alone buildings that use a dual diagnosis treatment for alcoholism, substance abuse, and mental health issues.

Clients in treatment reside at the facility 24/7, recovering from their addiction under the care of educated professionals. These drug rehab centers sometimes offer other services such as outpatient programs or day treatment, but their primary focus is 24-hour residential in-patient treatment. Not all drug rehab facilities offer the same treatment options, and Drug Abuse Intervention is committed to placing you

or your loved one into the right addiction treatment program for you.

When using private insurance, the average duration of treatment lasts about 20 days; however, federally funded residential treatment programs can offer up to 6 months of treatment. Allow our compassionate intake coordinators to sort out all of your insurance details for you, so that you can focus on your recovery.

Day Treatment Programs

Day treatment programs, sometimes known as partial hospital treatment programs, require more intensive work that general outpatient programming. These addiction recovery programs meet five days per week for about four hours each day. Since the late 1990’s, day treatment programs have been popular due to the way they afford mental health care to those who use Medicare. It is important that clients who enroll in day treatment programs have a safe and structured setting to live in while going to treatment. Living at home or with family are the best options.

Therapeutic Communities

Therapeutic communities became popular in the 1960’s. At that time, substance abuse was believed to be a behavioral problem; therefore, therapeutic communities were created to treat the addictive behaviors of clients. In the beginning, therapeutic communities wanted nothing to do with AA meetings or 12 step programs of any kind. However, as time passed and the success rate of both AA and 12 step meetings progressed, therapeutic communities embraced these programs. The average duration of participation in therapeutic communities is about two years.